Term 3

Here's my week 7/11 of term 3 update! These are some of the assignments I did the past few weeks. I feel much more confident in my drawings this term, especially digitally.

Some things I'm working on right now: preparing for more workshops and events, fixing my sculpture, fine tuning the script and story boarding my movie, a painting for my Color Theory final and reading a lot more books! I'm excited to share the final products with you later!

As far as workshops, I got 4 planned out for the next term. And people are offering to help during the workshops and demos! It's so rewarding for me to see people sharing with others what I showed them! I got asked to do a workshop at another school too, I had to turn it down but still, it was cool. Haha.

Oh, I got to chat with Iain McCaig! He and James Clyne came to our school to give us the heart of Star Wars and storytelling. It was a career defining moment for me :D

Other than keeping myself busy, I've been focusing a lot of mental health this term. I need to exercise more and drink less coffee, been feeling more sluggish lately.