High School Experiences - Class of 2013

A lot of my high school experiences set stone the foundation for who I am today. I write this post because it's exciting for me to be able to share and see how far I've come from then. 

  • Class President, Key Club President (2 years), ASB Director of Publicity, Interact Treasurer, Clubs Liaison
  • Planned all school dances and rallies, hosted multiple series of 2 week painting workshops and directed school skits throughout the year
  • Organized relief fundraisers, donation banks, community marathons, clean up events and summer 8th grade summits
  • Developed and refined student body's publicity structure
  • Step Squad, Pep Flags, Varsity Tennis, JV Swim

It was senior year when I dived into art and explored media creation. My parents got me a refurbished t3i and I used it for the first time the following week to direct the video below! With my team, we rallied 200 students to put together a promo video to show at Open House. I mean, 11000+ views isn't bad for a first!