First Dive Into Maya

For the final in my Intro to Maya class, we had to recreate a scene from a concept art. I chose this background art from the anime TekkonKinkreet produced by Studio 4°C.

The tiles were the most time consuming part for this scene (the floor alone has 1600 tiles!). I used Duplicate Special and Bonus Tools<Randomize Transform to model the tiles. Each one still had to be tweak individually to to have more variant in shape and size. All textures in this scene are 100% hand painted in Photoshop and imported into V-Ray as file textures. This was done in 3 weeks.

My midterm however... Hahaha...

I spent 9 out of 10 weeks of class constantly remodeling it. The windows were the most challenging. I knocked out my final as fast as possible JUST so I could continue working on my midterm. Now that I am taking the class Hard Surface Modeling 1, I am learning ways that I could have completed the windows more accurately and efficiently. I WILL come back to my midterm and finish it WELL.