Art History I Final

Over the course of 7 weeks, I designed and fabricated a sculpture display that with the goal of reflecting my cumulative studies of Ancient Egypt’s history, culture and legacy. I was inspired by The Bust of Nefertiti. 

The final outcome was completed with the aid of a few family members and friends, from cutting flower petals to transportation. Needless to say, I couldn't have finished this in a timely manner on my own. 

Till this project, I've never done any carpentry before. I spent most of my time fixing the base and masking its mistakes that came from poor preparation. The twisted planks I bought kept on warping from paint and heat exposure (plaster curing). 

Roughly 60-70 flowers were made. Each petal was cut out, glued and sewed on to a toothpick stem. That was after several experimentations of what paper to use. This was the most time consuming part of the project. The entire head part was made the afternoon before due date.

Due to time constraint, I wasn't able to create the strong shape language with placement of flowers that I had planned. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with this project and plan to fix that and refine this more in the near future. Thanks for visiting!

Wedding Production


I oversaw the production of an amazing team of 30 people.. With the team's patience and strong collaboration, we were able to achieve organizing, designing and fabricating a wedding for 600 guest in two weeks. Decor ranging from all floral arrangements, centerpieces to multiple 20 feet foyer walls. This was my first time planning/producing a wedding.

Photos are from Erich Chen Photography and the video was by Christian Soriano.  


This is my graduate portfolio from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. My concentration was fabrication and set design. These projects were completed within 9 months and my portfolio was selected for FIDM's Top 25 Visual Communications Portfolios. 

I used this to apply to Gnomon School of Visual Effects and got accepted into the 3 year program, Entertainment Design & Digital Production.

FIDM Window Installation

This installation was a collaborative project with colleagues Cara Seargeant and Nicole Kernswill. Our theme was the element Iron.

I digitized my team's final concept, which included a render of the installation, my design for costumes with my choice of make up and styling.

Nicole and I constructed the pyrites with foam boards, insulation and foil. The faux finish was done with sugar, sand, acrylic and spray paint.

I constructed the bodice with sheet metal and hot glue.

Cara and I improvised and constructed the headpiece in 2.5 hours with baked Wonderluxe, plaster, texturized sheet metal and wire. Our instructor Brad McCall painted the makeup on to the mannequin. 

This is the final installation that was displayed at FIDM LA.


The final for my Marketing Events class was to choose an existing movie and create a fundraising event following the movie's screening. This was done in two weeks with one other colleague.

I assembled the mood boards, rendered 2D and 3D concepts, designed the layout, wrote and edited all final text.